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Once again I am posting and not showing new work. But it is for something I am excited about.  So I am quickly popping in to say hi and to share a funny animated video my husband Eric created. It is about word of mouth advertising being far superior to pop-up ads.  Watch it on YouTube Captain Inbound.

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a year without clay.

I am really missing my studio this month. I am going from the joy of motherhood to a huge studio itch. I still have yet to find the way to balance it without some form of childcare and that is currently not an option. It must be the weather as my studio is best in the warm sunny months when I can open the door to the yard. It has been a year to date of my pottery hiatus. I have not been totally without clay this spring I was invited to be part of a show called Artisans of the Valley, it took place at a local gallery and it was about the process of how the art is made. I made two books depicting my process as well as my first pottery video. I will post it someday, but now that it is not in a gallery it needs some tunes.

I also took part in the annual spring sale at Mudflat Studio and made some new work for it. I do know that when I get back into the studio my work is going to change; I was not feeling as inspired. I am also not the same person, nor do I have the same amount of time to dedicate to glazing the way I have in the past. Where I am going I am not certain, which is probably part of the itch, the uncertainty is like when you peek in the kiln not knowing what to expect, but always hoping for something juicy! The photos are of the pots I made for the sale and I am calling them doodle pots as the images are coming right from my sketch book. It seems appropriate as it has been a spring of drawing and illustrations.

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If only my head was a teapot!

I saw this great illustration yesterday of a girl with a teapot for a head. I thought it was hysterical and I wish I could remember the artist. It started me thinking about how having a teapot for a head would make life so much easier.



If my head was a teapot…



When I got angry no one would think it strange when my eyes leaked. Instead I could just blow off steam!




and if you did not feel well I could pour you TEA!




Studio Sale!




If you are in the central MA area over the weekend stop by to have some hot cider and buy some handmade pottery and holiday cards!  The sale is outside in my glaze shed, so dress warm! Contact me for directions.


Also if you are looking to make a day of it Sutton is having its annual Chain of Lights and you can take a trolley car around town to partake in local holiday festivities! Go to for more information.




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Look what came out of the kiln this summer!

On July 13th I had a baby boy! He is keeping me busy, but I am having a ball.


With the rain and cold weather of the summer my garden just fizzled, but they had a great crop of rasberries at the farm. E and I went picking.

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Crazy Hail Storm


 I am still around and in and out of the studio. I am extra scattered these days between the day job and teaching pottery and brewing a baby due the beginning of August. On Sunday Mother Nature did everything in her power to keep my husband from working on the nursery while I potted away. We lost power twice and one time during a hail storm. It looked like someone emptied a cooler on our entire yard. My hostas are shredded, but the peonies are safe. 


Dessert Plates


A quick look at some new plates I am working on. They are more of a sandwich/dessert plate which seems to be the size I use the most.  Sadly, way too much for desserts eaten instead of breakfast it’s when I crave sweets the most. It must be something to do with that is when I consume the most coffee.  I intend to make the corresponding dinner plates as well to make up for my poor breakfast habits.


I am also testing glazes; I need a cone 6 satin glaze that stays translucent. If you have any ideas let me know. I have few new glazing and surface treatment ideas floating around in my head that I want to visit





a crow at my bird feeder
a crow at my bird feeder

 at least my house plants are feeling springy!

at least my house plants feel like spring
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finished pots


I am in the middle of taking part in several holiday shows and sales and feeling mighty darn exhausted and a little overwhelmed. The light at the end of the tunnel is I don’t have to make anything else for the shows. But I am already itching to get my studio clean and back to work.  Sadly it will have to wait until after the 26th of this month.  I do have some pictures to show you from my last glaze firing. 




Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!!!




Back in the studio(saddle) again


Tulip Vase   

I find myself revisiting the tulip vase/tulipiere.  I thought I liked the last batch, but these are much stronger.  Isn’t that how it always works when you look back on past work? When I first started to work in clay outside of the university setting, I did too much with each piece, I wanted the pots to have energy, and between my first attempts at creating a patterned surface with glaze and my cutting, darting and hand building on every pot I instead just made an overworked mess. A few years ago I read an article in Studio Potter (can’t remember who wrote it or what issue, sorry) talking about the artist simplifying the form in order to create a stronger surface to decorate.  The article was a light bulb moment for me, knowing I needed not only to simplify the form, but to work on becoming a more capable potter before trying to match the fluidity of glaze and to a vessel in which to support it. So I stopped playing with the form for a time and focused on creating a glaze palate and a semblance of control on the surface while at the same time working on my throwing skills.  Now that I am more confident with both I am starting to manipulate and hand build the form again.  Now I just need to figure out how to glaze them, but luckily I have a few weeks to figure it out while they dry. 

Jars and pitchers waiting for spouts and handles…busy working to get it all done for holiday sales. Check my website for dates and directions.  


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